Monday, February 21, 2011

Brynley- 1st Month




We went to Michelle's house to celebrate NYE. Brynley stayed awake to ring in the new year! Papa Jim holding B. Her umbilical cord fell off the next was bleeding a bit in this picture.

Go Cowboys!!

Such a cutie!! Love this smile!

Tummy Time! Brynley doesn't really 'love' tummy time, but she can stand it for about 5-10 minutes. She gets better and better everytime. We perfer to just let her lay on our chests and try to hold her neck up, which she is getting very good at doing.

I took Brynley on her first walk outside in the stroller. She really enjoyed the walk; It was great weather! Just days later we had a huge snow storm....gotta Love Texas weather!
Pretty girl!


When Brynley was 3 weeks old, Aunt Jennifer offered to babysit Brynley for us. We had our first date night!! I was a nervous wreck but very excited. Jeff did a great job explaning everything to Jennifer before we left. We had Pappasito's for dinner and I enjoyed my first beer in a VERY long time. Then we went to see a movie. Aunt Jennifer said Brynley was great for her. Thanks Aunt Jennifer for babysitting!!!

Sleepy time!

She loves laying with Daddy.

Brynley's 1st snow!!
Brynley enjoying her 1st snow with Daddy.
All bundled up!


This was one of Brynley's firsts baths at home. She out grew the sling pretty quickly- around 1 month. At first she didn't really like bath time. Around 1 month, we took out the sling and she really started to like it more. It is my favortie time of day with her because Jeff and I always give her, her baths together and she always smiles and kicks with excitement.


Allyson just loves her niece Brynley, and always wants to hold her.


This month Brynley started to recognize our faces more (especially Mommy & Daddy). She also recognizes our voices.

Bath time

Brynley really started to love bath time around 2 weeks. It is our favorite time of day with her. She is always so happy, and has a gret time kicking her legs. We are definitely signing her up for swimming lessons when she is 6 months old. =)


Brynley really started to make a lot more noises and grunts around 3-4 weeks. She is also very noisey in her sleep, which makes it hard on me. I always thought she was waking up, but she was really just restling around in her bassinet.


Brynley started sleeping in our room, in her bassinet (Jeff's side of bed). The first week Jeff and I both got up during the night. After he went back to work, I took over all the nightly wake times. She would get up every 2-4 hours. It was so exhausting, and mentally draining. The first 3 weeks were the toughest. I don't know how I ever survived. We tried getting her on a better schedule at week 2 (Eat, Active Sleep You- method), which I think helped a lot. We also started a routine at bed time. We tried to keep her awake from 7-10pm each evening which was very tough, because she wanted to sleep. We would start bath time at 10pm, and change diaper, swaddle, bottle (Jeff feed her a bottle of formula each night with a pinch of cereal), then I would feed her, and then put her down. Some night were better then others.


The first 3 weeks of breastfeeding was really tough. I enjoyed the time with Brynley, but I experienced excruciating pain on my left side. There were many times I almost quit due to pain, but I was hoping they would heal quick enough to continue breast feeding. At around 3 1/2 weeks, I tried using nipple shells, which helped them heal pretty quickly. I really started to enjoy it so much more, and it became to easy and enjoyable. I even became brave enough to do it in public- covered of course. I fed her about every 2-3 hours for 20 minutes at a time. She gained weight really well, so I guess she getting enough to eat. =)

Bumps in the Road
Week 1, Brynley had developed crusty (sleep in her eyes). The pediatrician said it was due to under-developed tear ducts. after two weeks of massaging her ducts & carefully cleaning them daily, they cleared up.
Week 3, Brynley developed Baby acne. It was definitely harder on me than it was on her. After about two weeks, it finally went away. Then she developed vert dry skin, but Ibought California baby lotion, and it cleared up quick.
Out & About

I started taking Brynley out and about once I was able to drive- week 2. Jeff went back to work after staying home with us the first week. I often would run errands, take walks, or pick up mama to hang out a couple ties each week. I would go stir crazy if I stayed home. In the beginning, she did great in her carseat, and would typically fall asleep. However, around week 3, she started to cry when we would run errands. I found that if I sing to her, she would sometimes calm down. Or, I would give her a pacifier. This is really the only time she takes a pacifier.

Brynley- Week One

Brynley:Week One
Tuesday, December 21
Aunt Jennifer and Grammy came to visit
Wednesday, December 22nd
First trip out of the house. Jeff and I took her to her Pediatrician for her 1 week check up.
Thursday, December 23rd
Mama and Papa came to visit
Aunt Michelle (& William) also came to visit
Allyson and Michael also came to visit their new niece.

Since I couldn't drive due to pain killers, Michelle drove me around to run last-minute errands for Christmas presents, etc. Mama, Papa, William, Allyson, and Michael also joined us as we went to Collin Creek mall. Brynley came with us for part of the time, and then Jeff met us up there too and brought Brynley home, while Michelle and I finished running errands. Thanks Michelle!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2010

Our Christmas Tree Our newly remodeled mantle/ fireplace, all decorated for Christmas! We even have a stocking for Brynley.
Our first Christmas together as a family.

My parent's Christmas tree in their new house. It is always a tradition to celebrate and exchange gifts at my parent's home on Christmas Eve. They moved into this house in November 2010.

Brynley taking a nap. Christmas wore her out. =)

Mama and Brynley

Jeff opening all his fun gifts

I LOVE the new "B" necklace I received from my parents.

Brynley and her Daddy

Wendy and Allyson

Santa's Lil Diva

......And to all a good night.

Brynley's 1st Christmas!
It is also tradition for Jeff and I to spend Christmas morning at our home to exchange gifts. This year we also got to spend it with Brynley. We are looking forward to next year when she can enjoy her gifts more.

These are all the big gifts she received from us and family.
We always spend Christmas Day at Grammy and Pops home.
Brynley's gift from Grammy and Pops:
A Rocking Horse!

Trying to feed Brynley a bottle
Grammy holding her 1st grandchild
Pops....AKA- Santa

John and Brynley

Aunt Jennifer and Brynley

Papa Bob holding his 1st grandchild
Sleepy girl and her daddy

Video of me opening presents to Brynley from Grammy and Pops

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brynley- Hospital Stay 12/16-12/20

Dec. 16-20, 2010

Brynly Paige ReevesOur home for 3 days My first real meal after having was so good!

Brynley's 1st bath, given by our nurse. This was done in the middle of the night. Jeff was too tired to get up to watch. =)

Brynley was jaundice, so all day Sunday (24 hours) she had to receive phototherapy. It was so hard seeing her there so helpless. However, the good news was, we got some sleep. During the night, they kept her in the nursery, and would bring her in every 3 hours to breastfeed.

This was the 1st time Kris and Jerry saw Brynley. I think they were both a little emotional and excited about their first grandchild. =)

Aunt Jennifer bought this beautiful gown for Brynley. I thought it would be the perfect going home outfit for B, but it was a little big. She was a little fussy when we tried to take pictures, so Jeff had me change her into her plain white hospital t-shirt. =(

We got her all settled into the carseat, and we were relased to go home Monday, December 20th. The nurses told us her jaundice levels needed to looked at before we could go home. We were pretty optimistic we would be going home. Jeff packed the car, and I signed all the paperwork. We left that evening around 4:30pm.
This was Brynley's first ride in her carseat! We were so excited to bring our baby girl home! That evening Michelle/ Will as well as the Rosenfeld's, came to visit.

Going Home!