Monday, July 9, 2012

Brynley- 11 months

11 months

Such a big girl in her jump suit!

Messy eater, but doing a great job feeding herself independently.

Antlers Up!  Go Rangers!

Aunt Stina and B
This was the evening Kris and I attended SYTYCD!

Parent's Pool is really coming along!  Is it summer yet?!

Look at me standing!

Having a "ball" at the neighborhood party at the park!

Mommy and Brynley!

Me and Jeff at the Zac Brown Band concert

Ready to celebrate my 1st Halloween!

Mama & Papa's Halloween Party was SOOO much fun!

Halloween party at Daycare


Brynley and her awesome teacher- Ms. Monica

Brynley and her best friend- Addison

Trick or Treating in Frisco

Daddy took B to her 1st house!

Aunt Wowo and Ally (Super girl), trick or treating.

Finishing the night off with a snickers bar.....she didn't really eat it, just sucked on the wrapper.

Brynley loves drinking daddy's egg nog!

This was a fun month, becasue Brynley got to enjoy her 1st Halloween!  Brynley is starting to stand independently for longer periods of time.  She can take a few steps around furniture as long as she holds onto something.  Each evening Jeff and I have her practice walking from one to the other.  She can take about 4-5 steps on her own!  She loves walking around with her walker too.  She is crawling very fast now too, so she is always on the move! She didn't sleep that well this month, becasue she developed a double ear infection.  We co-slept a few times this month, and she would sometimes get up 1-3times a night.    We are still rocking her to sleep and she is still taking 2 naps a day.  In regards to eating, she has begun to feed herself much better.  She loves ravioilos of all kinds, and loves to feed herself.  She doesn't like sitting in her high chair, especially at restaurants, which makes it difficult to go out to eat. She is saying lots more words now too, such as: "a da"- when she sees something, "hello" and likes to hold the phone to her ear, and "Ah!"- loves to scream and has found her voice!

For Halloween, I wanted our family to dress up in themed costumes, so Jeff and I agreed on the Flinestones.  Jeff was Fred, I was Wilma, and Brynley was Pebbles.  It was so fun!  My parents hosted a fun Halloween party at their house and had a great crowd.  We had costume contest, a haunted house, and lots of games for teh kids. It was so much fun!  We also took Brynley trick or treating for her 1st Halloween.  Since she can't walk yet, we took turns carrying her up to the doors with her cousins, Ally & Michael (we went trick or treating in Frisco).  She did fairly well, and we are looking forward to her next Halloween when she can try it more independently.

We also attended a neighborhood party at the park this month.  It was pretty fun and we met some nice neighbors.  Brynley's daycare also had a Halloween party that I attended.  They had a petting zoo!  I got some great pics of B at the party!  She just loves her daycare, friends, and especially her teachers- Ms. Monica and Ms. Mary.  Jeff & I also had a night away and attended the Zac Brown Band with Bret and Bryan.  We had a great time!

11 month stats
24 lbs.

Brynley- 10 months

Brynley Paige

10 months

All Smiles!

All the cousins at the pumpkin patch!

Brynley loved all the pumpkins and even tried eating the hay.

Brynley loved trying out Gymboree

Love watching her sleep....such an angel!

Brynley came to the "Pink Out" Shepton game!

Loves dinner time!

Hanging out at momma & papa's house with her cousins.

The State Fair of Texas!

Brynley loved the petting zoo.

Brynley loved the car show too!  Watch out world!

Celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary with dinner and a plane ride over Dallas!

The kids love visiting their Pa-pa-pa!

This was yet another eventful month of many "firsts". Brynley can now pull herself to stand up. Her balance is getting really good. She also loves to walk while holding onto things, such as the couch and coffe table. We did get her a walker, but she isn't fond of it for too long, but loves to use it at Gran Mommy's house. She can also clap her hands and has grown to love the song, "If Your Happy and You Know It". We sing it all the time now. She always gets to happy! She is sleeping GREAT this month. She has been sleeping anywhere from 9-11 hours straight! She has started trying more table foods and really loves chicken and macaroni and her momma! Brynley can also say "mama" (9/24), and can say "bye bye" and will wave when she says it (9/29). We can't wait to hear what she will say next!  Jeff and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary.  We had a nice dinner and then took a plane ride over Dallas.  It was pretty awesome.  We ended up meeting up with Jenn Roberts and James and hung out in Deep Ellum.  I was pretty tired since we stayed up much later than I have in quite some time!

We did some fun activities this month. Jeff and I took Brynley to the Texas State Fair for the 1st time. She did really well and seemed to enjoy it. It was hotter than expected so we didn't stay too long. We did the petting zoo, car buildings, dog show, and walked around a little in the kiddie midway area. She was still too small to try any rides this year, but I am sure we will be able to try some out next year. We also took Brynley to her first pumpkin patch with her cousins and Mama. We took lots of great pictures and she really seemed to enjoy the pumpkins; especially the hay, which she tried to eat!