Friday, July 22, 2011

Brynley- 7 Months


7 months

21.3 lbs. & 29 inches


This was a month of many "firsts". She has mastered sitting up very well, but will occasionally tip over. She can now hold her bottle independently and continues to hold her sippy cup very well. Brynley outgrew her carseat carrier, so we bought her a new "BIG GIRL" car seat. She loves it because she can see so much more. Riding in the car now, doesn't give mommy anxiety like it used to...because she would cry so often. She also can sit very well in highchairs at restaurants (which is great & much more convenient), and she can also sit in grocery carts. This month, Brynley has also developed seperation anxiety. Anytime you leave her eyesight, she gets upset because you aren't near her. She often will prefer to be held when we are out and about shopping. We are trying to break the habit of being held all the time. She can now navigate around the floor quite well, and rather quickly. She just started doing a version of the army crawl. I am sure whe will be crawling in the next few weeks. She continues rolling around everywhere, but now, enjoys trying to crawl. She also loves to stand up....assisted, of course. She might just skip crawling, and start walking. One more first for Brynley at the end of this month, was watching her 1st movie in a theater- POOH! She did OK, considering her age, but fell asleep about 30 minutes into the movie....but mommy enjoyed it!

Month 7

This month mommy got to spend much more time off with Brynley. I did have to work 2 of the weeks, but enjoyed the weeks I did have off, with my baby. We went to the Science museum with mama, papa, and her cousins. She'll love it it when she is a little older. We also got the opportunity to meet up with friends at lunch. We went to Hawaiian Falls waterpark and swam at Gran-Mommy & Big Pappa's pool a few times as well. She loves swimming! Because she enjoys it so much, we decided to start her in swim lessons at Emler, which she loves. She can now hold her breathe for 2 seconds! During the 4th of July weekend, we got to spend lots of time with family, which we always enjoy. We have been fortunate enough to have a lot of hand-me-down toys, however, we did buy a few new ones to keep her entertained. She can sit up like a pro now, so we tried to find toys that she can enjoy while sitting up.

1st time in the "Big Girl" car seat

1st time in the grocery cart!

1st time holding her bottle, by herself Miss Independent!

We visited cousin Will

4th of July weekend at Mama & Papa's house

Ready to watch the Fireworks with Gran-mommy & Big Papa

We went swimming & cooked out at Gran-mommy & Big Papa's house (7-3-11)

Happy 4th of July!


We visited baby, Sarah Webb

Daddy teaching B how to play guitar

Mommy & B at the Science Museum

Papa Bob and Brynley

We started swim classes this month at Emler

Having fun at Hawaiian Falls

Trying to stand on her own!