Friday, August 31, 2012

Brynley- 12 months

Our little girl, is not so little anymore! Brynley turned ONE this month!!   This was a busy month for our family.  We had Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, Brynley's 1 year pictures, preparing for Christmas, and of course we celebrated Brynley's 1st birthday. 
Meeting Santa for the 1st time @ Willowbend mall with Easler families.
 Helping daddy rake the leaves
Hosting Thanksgiving at our home.
 We decided to start the tradition of having Brynley put the star on the top of our tree!
 Brynley is going to be a big sister!!!!!
 Brynley in her new chair from the Pottery barn.  This was her birthday present from mommy & daddy!
Brnley had a great time at Leah's bday party!
ICE at the Gaylord Hotel with the Easler families.
Brynley was a little too young to really enjoy this, but we still had fun. 
Visiting Santa with the Hogue Family
Brynley wasn't very into Santa this year.....

Brynley's 1st Birthday Party!
 Christmas Day at the Hogue house.
Christmas morning at our house.  Brynley got a kitchen from Santa! 
Brynley really enjoyed the holidays and did suprisingly well being surrounded with all of our decorations in our house. She never really bothered with any of the ornaments on the tree, which was good.  For Brynley's birthday, we wanted to get her, her very own chair from Pottery Barn.  We gave it to her a few weeks early, which was a great idea in hindsight.  I think the chair is what really motivated her to start walking on her own!  We would practice with her nearly every night, and once we gave her the chair, whe would practice walking from her chair to one of us.  Eventually, she took her 1st steps on November 30, 2012!  Ever since then, she was all over the place and became very sturdy on her feet.

This month was very busy with fun activities due to the holidays.  I love this time of year!  We hosted Thanksgiving at our house again for Jeff's family.  We started a new tradition: we are going to have Brynley or one of the kids put the star on the top of the tree every year!  She was too small to really do it this year, but I thought it would be a fun tradition to begin with our families. 

We took Brynley to see Santa for the first time with my family and their kids.  Brynley enjoyed the playing with the snow before seeing him, but once she sat in his lap, she was just mesmerized.  Hopefully she'll smile next year.....I am just glad she didn't cry.  We also took Brynley and joined the rest of the Easler family to ICE at the Gaylord. We had a fun time, but Brynley wasn't really into it. She was just too young, and we had to hold her the whole time, which was tough due to the huge jackets we had to wear. Afterwards, we walked around the hotel, and then grabbed lunch at one of the restaurants. This month, I also took Brynley to a birthday party for Leah North. They had a bounce house which Brynley really enjoyed. 

We threw her a 1st Birthday Party on her actual birthday- December 17th. We invited our close family members, and everyone came for the festivities.  I had ordered B a cute outfit, which we also used for her 1 year pics.  We hosted the party at our home.  We had snacks, and of course, cake!  We ordered Brynley her own smash cake and cupcakes for everyone else to enjoy. She did a pretty good job with the smash cake, but wasn't too intersted in eating the sweet cake; so we helped her a little bit. She opened lots of presents from her family, and loved them all!  She was so great at the party and everyone enjoyed seeing her have fun. The morning of her birthday, we joined the Hogue's for breakfast with Santa.  It was fun, but Brynley wasn't too fond of Santa. :)

Brynley also started eating more table foods this month, such as: yogurt, raviolis, and pasta.  She tends to eat more at dinner, and still feeds herself with her hands, but has started using the spoon more.  We also weaned Brynley off of formula this month and started her on whole milk. That was a pretty easy transition.  She has started talking a lot more, and says: "uh oh".  I can pat my head now, when prompted, and loves to look at touch and feel books, and still loves dancing!

1 year stats

Height: 30.5 inches
weight: 25 lbs.