Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brynley- 2nd month




Finished taking a bath and getting ready for bed.

Tummy time in style! 1-28-11 Taking her for a walk. 1-29-11 This was Brynley's 1st laughing smile. Jeff was making her laugh, and we both saw her laugh/smile together! 1-30-11 Dallas hosted the Super Bowl this year. Jeff and I took Brynley to the NFL experience at the convention center. We also met up with my dad, Mike and Mikey. Kristina and David also met us there for a bit. 2-2-11 Crossed-eyed! She often will cross her eyes, and we have to get her to re-focus.

Brynley's favorite pacifier. She doesnt 'love' pacifiers, but will take them occasionally.

Tummy time again!
Brynley loves her bouncer!


"Hey you!"

Working on neck strength while daddy holds her.


Another snow day!! We had 4 days of snow, and schools closed all 4 days. I was going stir crazy. Jeff stayed home 2 of those days, so we got to spend time with daddy. We got over 6 inches of snow on the 3rd day. The first few days, we just had lots of icey roads, and it was very dangerous to drive anywhere.


Bathtime fun with daddy!

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Cutie!

Brynley's 2nd month was a very exciting one. She changed each and every day. She started to get a little personality! She continues to love bath time every evening. She started losing her hair at the end of the 1st month. However, she did start to grow it back at the end of the 2nd month. For awhile, she loked like a balding old man. LOL! She got her 2 month shots on Feburary 20th. She cried, and I was so hard seeing her in that much pain. I BF her immediately afterwards, which seemed to calm her down pretty quickly. That day/ evening, she slept quite a bit.

She continues to dislike tummy time, but loves her bouncer. We are trying to get her to like her swing a little more. I think it is starting to grow on her a bit. =)

Week 5

Jeff went out of town this week, and Brynley wasn't sleeping well. She continues to get up every 3 hours for feedings. I was so exhausted, and some nights, very frustrated. But, whenever I see Brynley, all that frustration goes away. I am still BFing, and it is going great! I never thought I would love it so much, becasue I struggled so much in the beginning. I gets easier everyday, and I love the bonding time I have with B.

Week 6

This week we decided to transition Brynley from the bassinet to the crib. We continued our bedtime routine and she did very well with the transition. Thank goodness for the monitor. The first few nights, I found myself staring at the monitor to make sure she was OK, and still breathing.

Week 7

Brynley is really starting to hold her neck up so much better. She also loves to lay on her back and look at fans and lights. My mom bought her a gym this week, since she loves playtime on her back. She loves it!

Week 8

She started SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! We woke up one morning, a few days before Valentine's Day, and we saw the clock said 5:00am. We were astonished that she had just slept 7 hours! Every evening since then (with the exception of a couple nights), she has continued to sleep 7-10 hours!

We are so lucky to have such a great baby!