Friday, April 29, 2011

Brynley- 5 months


5 Months

We spent Good Friday at the Dallas Arboretum. This was one of the 1st times she rolled over!

"I rolled over!"

Brynley playing guitar with daddy.Confetti Egg fight on Easter at Mama & Papa's house.

Brynley watching the festivities from her Bumbo.

Brynley finding a couple of Easter eggs (with mommy's help).

Brynley and all her goodies, on Easter morning!

Brynley trying rice cereal for the first time (from a bowl/ spoon).

My Mother's Day gift from Brynley (& daycare). So sweet! Cheering on the Mavs!

Cutie! About to eat some cereal.

Brynley chewing on some frozen peas in her new teether toy.

"I love my feet!"

Brynley after trying solids for the first time. Her 1st food was sweet potatoes!

Brynley 6th month

This has been such a fun month wth the Easter holiday with family, and her new skill of rolling over. Brynley has such a cute personality! She is still a chunly monkey. I continue to feed her formula- 6 oz. every 3 hours. She is doing great at daycare, and loves Ms. Monica. She is such a great baby, and we feel so blessed.


This month, Brynley just keeps learning new things. She is a very curious baby, and loves to look around. She definitely recognizes mommy & daddy. She really makes my heart melt when she smiles at me. She loves it when mommy & daddy dance in front of her. Her laugh and smile are contagious! Now that she is rolling around, she is able to explore more. She enjoys her toys more, especially rattles. However, I worry she is going to hit herself. She is talking a bit more, especially in the mornings. It is so precious. We just love waking up with her!

Rolling Over
Brynley finally rolled over for the first time from back to tummy on April 22nd, while we were at the Dallas Arboretum. I wouldn't count this as her first "official" time, since she was on a hill and had gravity working in her favor. However, she did roll over on a flat surface the next day, on the day before Easter- April 23rd. The days following, she was a a little rolly polly, and loved this new trick she figured out. She started out, only rolling from back to tummy to the left, but after a few days, quickly figured out how to do it to the right.

Week 18

This was as such a fun week, because we had a 3 day weekend as a family. Thursday, B's daycare was supposed to have a petting zoo and egg hunt, but it got cancelled due to rainy weather. On Good Friday, Jeff and I took Brynley to the Dallas Arboretum. It was such a beautiful day and we had so much fun together. Brynley had her picture taken with a real bunny, and she smiled so cute for the camera. The picture turned out so great! We spent that Saturday as a family to celebrate Jeff's birthday, and then spent Easter Sunday with each of our families. We started the day by going through her Easter basket that the Easter bunny brought. Then we went to Mama & Papa Easler's house. We had a Easter egg hunt in the back yard, followed by a confetti egg fight and a delicious lunch. Brynley enjoyed watching all the festivities sitting in her Bumbo chair. Later that day, we went to Grammy & Pop's house and enjoyed a yummy dinner. Brynley learned how to roll over this week- from her back to her tummy!

Week 19

Brynley continues to roll over and can roll both directions, but only from back to tummy. She has figured out how to roll over in her sleep as well. She wakes herself up and starts crying when she realizes she is on her tummy. I have really tried to get her to self soothe herself when she wakes up in the middle of the night. We have stopped swaddling at night, for a couple weeks now. We have also tried to start putting her to bed at an earlier time, which I think helps. She finally slept through the night again at the end of this week!

Week 20

This week Brynley continues to roll over. She has learned that she can roll over to reach toys. She continues to enjoy her jumperoo and has really grown to like her exercauser, now that she is a little bigger. Daddy spent Saturday with B, while mommy went to work, choreographing dances for ADTS. She was running a slight fever most of the day. I think she is really starting to teeth; poor baby. On Sunday, mommy was throwing some friends a group baby shower. Brynley came along, and she was great!

Week 21

This week, Brynley celebreated Cinco De Mayo with mommy & daddy, as we went out to eat. She is still a little to small to sit in a high chair. Eating out with her is tough, becuase we usually end up holding her (taking turns), because she doesn't like staying in her carrier. She loves to sit up, when held, so she can look around. She is very curious these days! Saturday, B joined mommy & daddy at a garage sale in Addison with Grammy & Pops. We made some good money and got rid of lots of crap. Brynley was great the whole time. Sunday was Mother's Day. Jeff had planned a breakfast for all of us at Breadwinner's with his family. It was delicious, but we had to wait over an hour. Then, we went to cheer on the Mavs for their playoff game, with my family at Buffalo Wild Wings. The Mavs won...YEA!

Week 22
This week was mama's bday as well as Grammy's bday! Brynley isn't sleeping very well at daycare during nap time, because Monica can no longer use the sleep positioner, since it has been recalled. She found that B likes to roll over onto her tummy, and sleeps very well that way. I told her she does the same at home, and we don't mind. So, we are going to try to let her sleep on her tummy more, since she seems do sleep much better this way. This week, Jeff went out of town to Austin for work (Wednesday-Friday), and I went out of town Friday-Saturday. So, Grammy picked up B from daycare on Friday, and then daddy picked her up when he got back from Austin.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Brynley- 4 months

Brynley Paige

4 months

Cookout & Campfire at Mama & Papa's house
Cookout at Grammy & Pop's house (Playing with bubbles)
Hanging out with Grammy

Brynley got very sick with an ear Infection. After antibiotics, she broke out with this rash. We had to take her to after hours care.

Daddy playing guitar for B....she loved it! Brynley's 1st pedicure experience with the girls!

Daddy playing with Brynley

Brynley's 1st time in her exercauser. She liked it, but wasn't sure how to spin around yet.

We borrowed this jumperoo from William. Brynley LOVES it! She has the same one at daycare.

Brynley's 1st soccer game.

We went to cheer on her cousins- Ally & Michael before Disney on Ice.

Disney on Ice with the Family.


Disney on Ice. We had front row seats!

Brynley's 1st carousel ride with her cousins- Ally & Michael.


This month was a tough month in regards to sleep, but Brynley's personality is really starting to come out, which made it so fun! She absolutely LOVES her hands, and is making alot more sounds. She also has full control of her head and can be carried without worrying she'll fall back. She doesn't like to be held in a laying down position. She loves to sit up when held so she can see everything. We continue to do tummy time and she is liking it a little more. She has also found her feet and absolutely loves to grab them and try to put them near her mouth. She is getting very close to rolling over! She continues to love bath time. Jeff started doing a fun "countdown" with B each night during bathtime, and Brynley loves it. I also borrowed Michelle's jumperoo this month, and B LOVES it! We also started to use to exersaucer more. I introduced mirrors to B, and she enjoys smiling and luaghing at's so cute!

4 months

16 lbs. 5 oz.


Week 14

Spring Break is over and time to go back to work. I had to work this weekend at our ADTS Nationals competition, so Jeff and Brynly hung out all day Saturday. They spent the day with Jeff's dad/ Sheryl and Jennifer & John. They had a great time together!

Week 15

This week, had a fun-filled weekend. On Saturday, I took Brynley to watch Allyson play soccer. Then, my mom and sisters took all the kids to see Toy Story 3 on Ice! It was so much fun. Brynley loved every bit of it and was very engaged in the show. We had front row seats which was amazing! Brynley took a short nap during intermission, but otherwise, watched the show in it's entirety. We all went out to dinner that evening.

Week 16

This week was my dad's birthday, and enjoyed going out to dinner all together. This same weekend, we also had a girl's day and got pedicures, and Brynley hung out with us. Also, I started to get sick this week with a sinus infection. Towards the end of the week, Brynley started to get sick as well. Beacuase of this, B wasn't sleeping through the night anymore. She kept getting up a lot throughout the night. She was very congested. I even tried elevating her bed. After much frustration and lack of sleep, I started to co-sleep with B so we could all sleep a little more. Plus, I enjoyed having her with us at night. Since B wasn't getting any better, I called the nurse's hotline and they said there isn't much else we can do, especially since she wasn't running a fever. Jeff had ordered a "woombie" swaddler, but we assumed B was 20lbs. Come to find out after her appt. the next week, she as actually only 16lbs. The size we ordered was called- "Mega Baby". She's a big girl!

Weel 17

Jeff went out of town this week for work on Tuesday/ Wednesday. Since B still wasn't sleeping great, I figured I might as well start to wean her from being swaddled at night. It went better than I anticipated. She was still getting up about 3-4 times a night though. I was really trying to stop bringing her in to co-sleep too....but it's so hard when you are so tired at night. Brynley also had symptoms of conjunctivitis, so I called the Dr. and they called in some eye drops for her. They helped it go away in 2 days! We did take her to the Dr. on Friday and they determined she had an ear infection. She started on amoxilcillian, and the next day she had broken out in a rash. We took her to the 24 hour after care center, and they switched her meds. Her rash went away after 2 days, and she seemed to get better rather quickly. She was supposed to get her shots the following Monday, but we rescheduled, since we had to do a follow- up appt anyhow in 2 weeks.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Brynley- 3rd month


3 months

First trip to the Dallas Arboretum

2-22-11 1st time on grass....she loved it! Mommy & Brynley
Brynley loves going on walks

All smiles!

I Love NY! Kristina bought me this cute outfit.

Brynley's 1st day of daycare!!

Daycare wore her out. She took a 3 hour nap after daycare!

Wearing beads for Fat Tuesday!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

At the Mall with cousins.

1st carousel ride!

I love my bumbo chair!

Cookout at Mama & Papa's house Hanging out with Mama & Papa

This month was a tough month, because I had to go back to work. I ended up going back a few days sooner, so I wouldn't lose out on too much money on my paycheck, plus I wanted to save some days in case of an emergency. I ended up being home with Brynley for a total of 11 weeks. I'm very grateful for those extra weeks, so I could bond with my baby girl. I had Brynley start a half day at daycare so we could both get used to the new transition of not being together.


This month Brynley has progressed so much. She has definitely found her hands! She loves to stare at them and suck on them. She has found her thumb a few times, but no real thumb sucking yet. She follows us around with great focus now. She still despises tummy time, but we still have her do it everyday. She has no interest in trying to roll over yet. She still loves her activity gym and is trying to grab things, but doesn't have a good grasp just yet. She still doesn't like being in her car seat. It gives me great anxiety, because anytime I need to run errands, I worry she'll start to cry. Jeff and I continue to give her a bath every night together. We love to see her smile and kick. We also continue to swaddle her when she sleeps. I dread the day when I wean her off....because I am scared she may not sleep through the night if I stop.

First Laugh

She had her first real laugh on March 6! She was sitting on Daddy's lap and Mommy next to him. Daddy was singing silly songs to Brynley and she laugh a few times. She didn't laugh again this entire month. Her laugh now is more of one syllable sound, and she smiles.

Week 9

This week I took Brynley to the Dallas Arboretum with my mom, Aunt Marion, and Aunt Elizabeth. We had such a great time and B did so well. That evening I had BUNCO. On the way there, I wasn't feeling very well. I felt like I was running a fever and had chills. I had my dad take me home. I ended up running a fever of 104 two nights in a row. I had a kidney infection! The Dr. put me on antibiotics, which I couldn't breastfeed. I pumped for two days, then decided to quit all together. It was a tough decision, but after weighing the pros and cons, I decided it was for the best for me. She transitioned to formula very well, since we had been giving her a bottle every evening.

Week 10

This was my last week of maternity leave with Brynley. I tried to savor every moment. I tried to get as much accomplsihed and organized before I started back and got really busy. We had a Mountain Trip meeting this week to discuss our summer vacation!

Week 11

Brynley started at daycare with Ms. Monica this week. We found a great in-home daycare for a wonderful rate. Her first day was only a half day. She did great! I didn't cry until I got to my car.....then I just bawled. It was definitely harder on me than it was on her. After I picked her up, she slept for 3 hours!

Week 12

This was my first week back to work and Brynley's first full week of daycare. That first day was tough, but it was nice to converse with adults and to see my students again. Every evening, after daycare, Brynley usually falls asleep in the car on the way home or takes a long nap when we get home.

Week 13

This was my spring break!! Yea, I got to spend the whole week with Brynley! One day we ate lunch with Daddy, Grammy, Pops, and Aunt Jennifer. We also enjoyed St. Patrick's Day and went to the mall a couple times. I even spent one day with Michael, Ally, Mama, and Brynley. We went to lunch, fed the ducks, and went to the park. That weekend, Mama and Papa hosted a cookout at their house. We roasted marshmallows, flew kites and enjoyed each others company in the back fun! The next day we went to Grammy & Pops house and enjoyed delicious gumbo with the Appersons.