Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fall 2012- September-November

FALL 2012

This was certainly a busy season due to getting used to a schedule of raising 2 children under the age of two and going back to work....and don't forget the holidays!  Our girls definitely keep us on our toes, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  We truly are very blessed with such beautiful, healthy and happy babies! 
Fall with the Reeves Clan
Mommy back to work and Olivia started at daycare
Michael's 6th birthday
Dallas Arboretum
Jeff and I celebrating our 4 year anniversary with a night out
State Fair of Texas
Fort Worth Zoo with Jenn and John
Pumpkin Patch with the Easler family
Easler Annual Halloween Party and Haunted House
Halloween Trick or Treating
Halloween party at daycare
Will's birthday party
A visit to the ER with Brynley
Thanksgiving with both families

Papa Bob
The month of September was a tough month, as Jeff's dad Bob, started to get more and more sick.  Jeff's dad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer back in March, and he had been fighting this battle since, and doing chemo.  The chemo started taking it's toll on Bob, and it was becoming harder and harder.  Mid-September, Bob decided to stop treatments, and go on Hospice.  We were hoping and praying he would make it to the holidays; especially to be able to see his new grandson come into this world.....but God had a different plan. Unfortunately, on Thursday, September 27th around noon, Bob lost his battle with this horrible disease.  My heart still breaks for Jennifer and Jeff because I know how much they loved their dad. 
The funeral was held that following Sunday in his hometown of Mt. Vernon. Brynley and Olivia both came with us.  I will never forget Brynley going up to the casket and said, "Papa...sleeping".  So sweet.......  He was certainly a great man, and will be remembered always.  I only knew him 9 years, but in that short time he definitely made an impact on my life.  I will always remember how humble he was, his kind spirit, his passion and love for his kids and grand kids.  We will make sure our kids know how great he was, and will speak of him often. 
We miss you Papa Bob!
Papa Bob holding Brynley the night she was born.  He stayed at the hospital all day until she was born late that evening.
Miss Brynley- 21-23 months (September-November)
Our baby girl is growing up so fast and progressing more and more everyday.  Her world definitely changed on August 7th, but she has been a very good big sister ever since that day.  I am very proud of her!  Since the birth of Olivia, Brynley has had a few moments of jealously, and occasionally we still see it.    Overall, she is a great big sis and is very sweet and affectionate.  She even says "Olivia" very well.....well, it's more like, "Livia".   She also says "sister", and "my baby".  Brynley has become very territorial like many toddlers.  Everything is "mine!"  We are still trying to work on sharing, etc.  Her vocabulary is GREAT for her age.  She seems to say a new word everyday.  She is like a parrot, because she picks up new words everyday.  Such a smart little girl!  Brynley is very active and loves to play; especially outside.  We try to go to the park as often as we can.  She also has really gotten into coloring, and puzzles and it getting pretty good at it. 
Since our transition to her "big girl bed" this summer, Brynley continues to do well with sleeping; especially at nap time.  Bedtime is a little tougher, but she is getting better.  She enjoys playing in her room more and more, and loves when we go play with her. 
Brynley's eating habits aren't the best, especially at home.  She doesn't like to eat a lot at dinner, but I know she eats well at school, so I feel better about that.  Her pedi also said not to worry, because her weight is great and she loves drinking milk. We continue to avoid eating out as much as possible because Brynley just wants to run around like a toddler, and it isn't very enjoyable for us.  We've tried to allow her to sit in a booster or just a chair, because she hates highchairs.  She does great in chairs at home, but not so great at restaurants, especially for long periods of time.  We have continued with timeouts with Brynley, and seems to work sometimes,  but she is still trying to figure what it really means. We turned B's car seat around right before Olivia arrived.  Brynley LOVES facing forward!!!!  She is such a GREAT car baby.  She enjoys looking around and watching movies.  She used to HATE her carseat, especially as a baby.  It always gave me such anxiety.  Now, I love running errands, because both girls are always so great in the car! We continued to go to the Little Gym this season and Brynley loves it!  We are even planning on having her 2nd birthday party there in December.  I can't believe our little girl is about to turn TWO!! 
A Big Scare
 In November, after Will's birthday party we had the biggest scare of our lives.  Brynley was playing at Pump it Up, and fell down while jumping with her daddy.  She usually shakes stuff like that off pretty quickly, but didn't this time.  We thought maybe she was just tired or hungry, so Jeff took her home.  Atfer her nap, she wouldn't put wieght on her leg so we were very worried.  We decided to take her to the ER, so we could make sure they would do X-rays.  Atfer 8 hours, 5 sets of X-rays, an IV, a transport in an ambulance to Children's hospital.....we finally left with a diagnosis of a limp and a fever.  Since she was running a fever, the doctors were worried it was an infection in her hip.  They gave her a walking boot, which she only wore for about an hour.  It scared us to death (especially the a,bulance ride), but we are just thankful our baby girl is healthy and OK.

Olivia- Month 2 (September)
Olivia is such a sweet and precious baby. She continues to breast feed very well, and that gets better everyday. She doesn't always seem like she wants to latch on, so that is frustrating. I took her to the pediatrician to ask that question, because she is also spitting up quite a bit. I had a feeling she had acid reflux. I had already begun taking the necessary steps- slanting her crib, burping a lot, etc. The doctor did diagnose it as acid reflux, and started us on meds, which did help. I did stop breast feeding at the end of this month, because I knew I was going back to work soon.
Olivia continues to co-sleep with me each night. She sleeps so peacefully, and only get up around every 4 hours. Occasionally I will put her in the bassinet. When she was 6 weeks old, I transitioned her to her crib (just as we did with Brynley). She would get up occasionally (about 2x a night) for feedings. Sometimes, I would bring her to bed after that first feeding....I love cuddling with her. Suprisingly, I think transitioning her was harder on Jeff. He didn't think she was quite ready, but this momma was ready for some sleep. When I started her on formula, she began sleeping longer stretches.
Olivia loves bath time as much as Brynley did. She always seems so relaxed and happy. Olivia rarely cries about anything unless she really needs something or if she is overly tired. She is such a wonderful baby.....Thank goodness, because I don't know if I could manage otherwise with a toddler too. Olivia is beginning to make more sounds, and loves to look around a lot more. She will really start to focus on you now. Brynley continues to be a little jealous of her sister, especially when I was nursing. She actually hit Olivia a few times,which results in timeouts.  
 Sweet baby sleeping
 Brynley putting her baby in timeout.  This is where I have Brynley sit for timeouts.  I guess it's making some impact on her.....we always give hugs after timeouts. 
 Brynley loves her horsey rides on her daddy!
 Brynley chillin' in the car!
 Sweet Smile!
 Olivia slept in her crib for the first time at 6 weeks.  She did fairly well, and only got up a few times.
 Olivia at 1 month old
 Michael's 6th birthday celebration.  He asked for a "LEGO" cake!
Olivia going for a walk with mommy and Brynley.  This was the only way we could go to parks/ playgrounds, since I don't have a double stroller (yet).
 Brynley always likes to hold her sister.
 Olivia's 1st time to go to church!
 Olivia enjoys bath time
 Sweet sisters.....well, until Olivia started crying!
 Brynley learned what a witch was around Halloween.  She loves witches now, and enjoyed making the witch sound.
 Sweet angel
 Olivia enjoys her activity mat
Brynley at the Little Gym - We continued going all summer- through October. Brynley loves going to the Little Gym so much, that we decided to have her birthday party there in December.
 Amazing how m
Mommy's 1st time at the grocery store with both babies, was a success!
Olivia- Month 3 (October)
This month I went back to work- October 9th. I was eager to get back at work and be around adults again. I love my babies to pieces, but I needed to work. I know my girls are in great hands with Monica & Mary (their caregivers). I actually had Olivia start the day before I went back, so I could have a day to go to work, and emotionally handle Olivia (and Brynley) being away from me. I definitely cried when I dropped them of for the first time....
Olivia is officially on formula and has handled that transition very well. She is a very good sleeper and has been sleeping through the night this month....YEA! Let's hope this lasts!
 I took the girls to the Dallas Arboretum during my last week of maternity leave.  It was a bit challenging, since I was alone, but they did great.  I wore Olivia in my Baby Bjorn, and pushed B in the stroller. 
 Olivia chilling on the grass at the Arboretum
Brynley loved the Pumpkin Patch at the Arboretum!
 Brynley likes trying to help feed her baby sister.
 WOW, look at the resemblence. 
Our baby girls love the Cowboys!
Brynley loves all of her papas!
 We had a great time at the State Fair of Texas!  Big Tex burnt down 2 days later.....RIP.
 Petting Zoo
 Olivia had fun at the fair, too!
Brynley rode a ride by herself for the 1st time.  She had SOO much fun!
 The Fort Worth Zoo with Jennifer and John
 Jenn, John and baby Jacobus on the way!
 Brynley loves her Aunt Jenn!
 Me, Jeff and Olivia
The Cousins together at the Frisco Pumpkin Patch!
 The Reeves Family at the pumpkin patch
 Brynley had a blast!
 All the cousins playing in the hay at the pumpkin patch
 Brynley at the pumpkin patch
 Olivia's 1st day of daycare!  Mommy cried, and Olivia did great!
 We hung out at the Hedding house, and had a great time!
 Brynley and Lynley
 Olivia loves playing on the floor
 Jeff sent me this beautiful arrangement to my work on our anniversary!
 Celebrating our 4 year anniversary downtown.  We got a hotel room, then ate dinner at the Reunion Ball- Five Sixty.  It was breath-taking views.  Then we went to see a Cirque de Soliel show, and then hung out at some bars on Main St.  Soooo much fun!
 Our girls, playing together!
Some of Brynley's 1st artwork.  Pretty good!
My parents started doing this in 2011, and it has been so much fun.  I love helping them set-up the hanuted house and the kids (and adults) really love it!!
Our family was dressed as the Wizard of Oz characters
 Dorothy drinking some water
 The Velezes
 The Scarecrow and his little Lion
 The McEntires were also Wizard of Oz characters!
The Witch and the little Lion
 We had a great time at Brynley and Olivia's School Halloween Party!
 Brynley having some fun showing mommy what she enjoys playing with at daycare.
 They had a scarecrow sing and entertain the kiddos!  Brynley loves to dance!
All of the kids at their daycare
 Halloween Night: Dorothy and the Lion
Our little Lion
Our sassy Dorothy
 Brynley's 1st time to be able to trick or treat (and walk and say, "trick or treat") on her own!  She did so great!  She kept wanting to eat the candy right away.
 Our little Trick or Treater on her own
Jeff's mom and step dad came over to see the girls and we all went up to Prestonwood to check out their Halloween Festival.  It was amazing!  We will definitely be going there every year.
Olivia- month 4 (November)
Our baby girl is really starting to get a little personality. She loves to smile and has also started to laugh. I love making her laugh and so does her sister, Brynley. Brynley is finally starting to love on her sister more. It's like having her own "real" baby doll to play with. She is sweet to her and gives her kisses at night before bed.....melts my heart. Olivia continues to be such a great baby! She rarely cries, unless she really needs something. However, bedtime has become a challenge. She has begun getting up a few times each night. Due to sleep exhaustion, I have begun to just bring her into bed with me just so we can both get some sleep. Olivia is doing well on formula and we have transitioned to regular Enfamil, as she no longer spits up. She enjoys her swing and bouncer, and we plan to try out the exercauser next month. She has always loved her activity mat, but since she started rolling over, she gets frustrated. Olivia has really prgressed developmentally. She can hold her head up great and she rolled over for the first time on Thanksgiving. She can roll both directions, but perfers to roll from her back to her belly most. However, once she is on her belly, she often gets frustrated....and doesn't always roll back over and just cries. She makes a lot more sounds and loves grabbing things in her hands. She also loves eating her hands and playing with her feet. I can't wait until she can start sitting up and playing with her big sister! 
 Brynley continues to love bath time.  Especially when she can color and paint!
William's 5th birthday party at Pump it Up
 Olivia having fun with Auntie, Mama, and Papa
 Brynley had a blast at Pump it Up...until she got hurt.
Brynley at the ER.  She was such a trooper, considering everything she endured that evening.
 Brynley with her IV in her arm, and her leg all wrapped up.
Jennifer's bbay shower I helped host
(the day after we were at the ER all night)
 My 1st diaper cake that I made for Jennifer!  I think it turned out pretty good.
 Oliovia is getting SOOO big!
Brynley loves to eat at her table in the living room.  Doesn't happen often.....

Brynley had a great time at Lynley's birthday party!

Our little pumpkin in a big pumpkin!
Brynley wanted her picture too, but she wasn't feeling very well this day.
 Yum, yum, yum!

Great News!
  On a side note, this was a great time of year as well, because I found out my best friend, Kristina, is pregnant! Such wonderful news!! She will be having a baby boy in May! I can't wait to spoil that future soccer player! She shared this great news with me the night before Thanksgiving at dinner. YEA!