Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brynley- 6 months


6 Months

Chillin in her sunglasses "Arrrgh!"

Brynley at the Pirate party.

Me and Jeff at the Ranger game.

This was only our 2nd night out, away from Brynley, since she was born.

Watching daddy work on the yard.


Four Generations!

Pa-papa's 91st birthday celebration.

The cousins at Hawaiian Falls waterpark.

B's 1st trip to Hawaiian Falls Waterpark

Brynley at Japon, celebrating Mommy's 34th bday.

Addison's bday party, at The Little Gym. Brynley hasn't quite mastered sitting up yet.
6-4-11 Brynley's first time in a swimming pool!
She loved it!

Kicking back, and ready for a walk with mommy.

"Ta-da! I'm ready for my picture!

Hanging out at the pool with mommy.(Mama & Papa's community pool)

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!


June 11-18

Cheering on the Dallas Mavs winning the Champioinship game, in game six.


Brynley riding the carousel at Dollywood.

On our Cades Cove drive, we stopped at one of the Old Mills.

Mama, Papa, and all the grandkids, at Cades Cove.

Mommy and B in the mountains at Cades Cove.

The sisters at a waterfall in the mountains.

Jeff & B at the Forbidden Caverns. B didn't last long on this tour....she started crying halfway through.

Reeves Family at the top of the mountain after we hiked 1.5 miles to the top-Clingman's Dome. It was a beautiful view!

Clingman's Dome
Our home away from home for a week. Our cabin was awesome! It had 4 bedrooms, a pool table, and a hot tub!

Our last in Gatlinburg.

We spent our last morning, at Dollywood.

Brynley Paige -6 Months


This was a BIG month for milestones! Brynley has learned how to roll BOTH directions. This means, she now is all over the place. It's really fun to watch her play on the floor now, but you have to watch her every second, since she rolls around every where. She continues to love to grab her feet, and puts everything in her month (since she is teething). We started giving her solids this month. Her first foods were: carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, green peas, squash, pears and apple sauce. So far, she loves it all!! Brynley's personality is really starting to come out. She smiles all the time now, and definitely recognizes us. She loves it when we dance in front of her, and she loves playing on the floor now that she can roll everywhere. I borrowed a floor mat from my parents, which has been very helpful for her to play on and rool around. She can now sit up in a highchair, which makes didning out a bit we just have to keep picking up her toys after she throws them on the floor!

She started doing a fake cough this month; it's quite entertaining. We also know now, that she has a fake cry, just to get our attention. She really loves her toys now; especially things that make noise and toys she can grab. She can also scoot herself around to get to toys easier. Before we know it, she'll be crawling! I really love this age; she is SOOO cute!!

6 Months

19lbs. 10oz.

27 3/4 inches

(97th%, and the size of a 9 month old!)

Week 23

This week, I had jury duty on Monday, and was chosen! I served on a jury for a Manslaughter case for the entire week. It was very intense, but also an interesting experience. There were a few days that I wasn't sure I would be able to pick up B, so Jeff left work early. Saturday, we spent the morning and afternoon, shopping in downtown McKinney with our mom for Mother's Day. Brynley came with us, and she was great! That evening, my parents hosted a "Pirate's Party", since the new Pirates movie was coming out. We grilled out and had pirate themed food and games. It was so much fun! On Sunday, Jeff and I joined my sisters and their kids at Hawaiian Falls waterpark. It was Brynley's 1st time at the waterpark. She passed out after 2 hours, but we had a great time!

Week 24

Memorial Day was Monday, and that afternoon, Brynley, myself, my parents and sisters, went to celebrate Papa-pa's 91st birthday, with cake! That evening, Jeff and I joined Grammy & Pops at their house for pool time, and grilling. Saturday, was my bday, so I went out of town for a girl's trip with Christina, Kristi, and Courtney to Winstar Casino, to see Darius Rucker. It was so much fun!! Daddy was so sweet to watch Brynley while I was gone. That Saturday evening, we went with my family to Japon to celebrate my bday! Sunday, we went to Grammy & Pop's house again for some pool time. It was much warmer this time.

Week 25

My last day of school was Monday, and Mama & Papa watched B for me. This was my 1st week of summer! It was so great to relax, sleep in with Brynley, and catch up on life. I was also able to run errands and pack before the trip. I took Brynley to the community pool at my parents this week. She really enjoys the water, and I am looking forward to starting her in swim lessons. We also went for a couple of walks. I put her in the stroller without the carrier, and she did great. She loves to look around at everything. Brynley is still sleeping with mommy & daddy(sigh), but our plan is to transition her to her crib after vacation. (fingers crossed!)

Week 26

This week, we were on vacation with the Easler family, in the Smokey Mountains. We made a road trip to Gatlinburg, TN. It was a 15 hour drive. I had a lot of anxiety about such a long drive, since B doesn't particularly love her car seat. However, she did GREAT!! As long as she had someone back there with her, she was fine. She slept a lot of the trip, and had about 3 diaper explosions. We were gone for a total of 7 days. It was a wonderful trip, and we are so thankful to our parents for all the memories we were able to make with Brynley on her first vacation!