Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brynley- 9 months

Brynley was learning how to stand on her own. Her balance wasn't very good at first, but she mastered it pretty quick.
Sweetie!She learned how to stand in her crib, so daddy lowered her matress to the lowest level.
She also loves to chew on her rails of her crib. Gotta love teething!
Brynley loved her swim class at Emler. This was one of her last classes. She was able to hold her breath for 4-5 seconds!!
We enjoyed having a date night out (Mama & Papa watched B for us) with friends at Wendy & Mike's wine party.
8-22-11Loves to army crawl everywhere!
She LOVED spinach!
Trying to sit for the 1st time in a musical chair we borrowed from cousin Will.
Trying spaghetti for the 1st time. Celebrating Uncle Alan's bday.
We all went for a walk to the park to swing.
She LOVES to swing!
We went to cousin Will's 1st soccer game. Brynley enjoyed playing in the grass.
Brynley cheering on her cousin Will.
Really starting to master standing without falling.
9-12-11Brynley went with mommy to her 1st SHS football game.
Mommy made the onesie!
Weight- 22 lbs.
Height- 29 1/2 inches
Brynley had a pretty big milestone this month....she learned how to crawl!! (8-22-11) She had been army crawling for a while now, but one night we stayed over at mama & papa's house after we went to a wine party at the Rosenfeld's house. We woke up the next morning, and B crawled to papa!! She also learned how to stand up in her crib, so daddy lowered her mattress. Brynley also knows how to give high fives to people. It's so cute!! I think Brynley is going to be a future dancer like mommy. Anytime music comes on, she always starts smiling and bouncing!! Mommy loves it!
9 months
This was a busy month with mommy starting back at work, celebrating lots of birthdays, and enjoying time with family. We ended the summer by going to Hawaiian Falls a few times, as well as going to Gran- Mommy & Big Poppa's pool. We also enjoy going to the park as a family to ride the swing. We celebrated Michelle, Alan, and Michael's birthdays this month with a dinner out at a resturant for each birthday. Brynley is really starting to talk more and can say the words "da da", and even "ga ga". I guess she is a fan of Lady Gaga! She loves to hear herself scream, so she does this quite often for fun. She continues to sleep through the night fairly well, but occasionally wakes up; especially when she is teething. She has about 3 teeth now. She has started to try table food now. She has tried foods such as: spaghetti, bread, and green beans. She also enjoys bites from daddy's dessert each evening. We are looking forward to the next month of many "firsts"!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brynley- 8 months

8 Months
I still love bath time! I can sit up really well in the bath tub now.
We went to Kristi Beaty's house for the Hot Momma's party, and swam and played with new friends.
Brynley was so tired, she fell asleep while playing.
Love her rolls on her arms!
Brynley playing with cousin Will, while Michelle babysat.
Her 1st time on the swing and she LOVED it!
Brynley and mommy met up with some other Dallas- December moms and their babies for a playdate. We had lunch at Rainforest Cafe and then did some shopping at Grapevine Mills mall.
Brynley, Caleb and Emele
We visited Papa pa, and he just loved seeing Brynley
Trying out her new Hawaiian bathing suit, before swim class.
Cassidy, Brynley and Allyson at Hawaiian Falls
Brynley's 1st tooth!
Wearing her new outfit that Mama and Papa bought her in Hawaii
Pretty Smile!
We went to the Dallas World Aquarium with Mama, Papa, Cassidy, Allyson, Michael, and William.
Mommy and Brynley at the Aquarium
Celebrating Papa pa's 91st birthday: Four Generations
Brynley visited daddy at his work.
Sitting up so good now!
Hawaiian Falls Waterpark. She loves to play in the water!
Brynley chillin in her sunglasses.
Brynley and Addison at swim class.
Cutie Pie!
8 Months
Brynley was so much fun this month! She develops more and more everyday. Sometimes I wish she wouldn't grow up so quickly. We enjoyed spending time together, before mommy had to go back to work to start the new school year. We enjoyed going to the waterpark a few times, went to visit Papa- Pa, went to the Dallas World Aquarium, and went shopping and ate lunch with WTE friends at Grapevine Mills mall. She is growing very attached to mommy and often cries when I leave the room. She can now reach out for mommy and daddy, which is very sweet and cute! Her sleeping is getting better this month. She is sleeping through the night, and will occasionally get up, but goes right back to sleep.
This month Brynley got her very 1st tooth! Just days later, she got her bottom left too as well! It was on the bottom, right side. She also continues to army crawl everywhere, but hasn't officially started to crawl on her knees just yet. We defintiely had to make sure the house was baby proofed. She also learned how to do zerberts on mommy, or anything she puts her mouth on. She hasn't really said any words yet, besides basic sounds: a-gah, a-yah, etc. She also loves to scream, usually for no reason at all. I think she just enjoys hearing her voice. She can grab food pretty well, and loves to eat Gerber puffs and yogurt bites. She also loves to eat daddy's cool whip. We let her try some table food this month as well, such as bread. She really likes it! She had her 1st sleepover this month with Gran-Mommy and Big Poppa, while mommy and daddy went out with friends.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Brynley- 7 Months


7 months

21.3 lbs. & 29 inches


This was a month of many "firsts". She has mastered sitting up very well, but will occasionally tip over. She can now hold her bottle independently and continues to hold her sippy cup very well. Brynley outgrew her carseat carrier, so we bought her a new "BIG GIRL" car seat. She loves it because she can see so much more. Riding in the car now, doesn't give mommy anxiety like it used to...because she would cry so often. She also can sit very well in highchairs at restaurants (which is great & much more convenient), and she can also sit in grocery carts. This month, Brynley has also developed seperation anxiety. Anytime you leave her eyesight, she gets upset because you aren't near her. She often will prefer to be held when we are out and about shopping. We are trying to break the habit of being held all the time. She can now navigate around the floor quite well, and rather quickly. She just started doing a version of the army crawl. I am sure whe will be crawling in the next few weeks. She continues rolling around everywhere, but now, enjoys trying to crawl. She also loves to stand up....assisted, of course. She might just skip crawling, and start walking. One more first for Brynley at the end of this month, was watching her 1st movie in a theater- POOH! She did OK, considering her age, but fell asleep about 30 minutes into the movie....but mommy enjoyed it!

Month 7

This month mommy got to spend much more time off with Brynley. I did have to work 2 of the weeks, but enjoyed the weeks I did have off, with my baby. We went to the Science museum with mama, papa, and her cousins. She'll love it it when she is a little older. We also got the opportunity to meet up with friends at lunch. We went to Hawaiian Falls waterpark and swam at Gran-Mommy & Big Pappa's pool a few times as well. She loves swimming! Because she enjoys it so much, we decided to start her in swim lessons at Emler, which she loves. She can now hold her breathe for 2 seconds! During the 4th of July weekend, we got to spend lots of time with family, which we always enjoy. We have been fortunate enough to have a lot of hand-me-down toys, however, we did buy a few new ones to keep her entertained. She can sit up like a pro now, so we tried to find toys that she can enjoy while sitting up.

1st time in the "Big Girl" car seat

1st time in the grocery cart!

1st time holding her bottle, by herself Miss Independent!

We visited cousin Will

4th of July weekend at Mama & Papa's house

Ready to watch the Fireworks with Gran-mommy & Big Papa

We went swimming & cooked out at Gran-mommy & Big Papa's house (7-3-11)

Happy 4th of July!


We visited baby, Sarah Webb

Daddy teaching B how to play guitar

Mommy & B at the Science Museum

Papa Bob and Brynley

We started swim classes this month at Emler

Having fun at Hawaiian Falls

Trying to stand on her own!