Monday, July 22, 2013

Spring 2013 March- May

This was a fun season watching our girls progress more and more each day.  They are also slowly starting to be able to play together, which we love.  Lots of fun activities this season as well!

* Spring Break
* St. Patrick's Day date night for Mommy and Daddy
* Easter
* Daddy's birthday
* Dallas Arboretum with Grammy
* Mother's Day
* ADTS Staff Training
* Great Wolf Lodge
* Birth of baby Roman Tafalla

Miss Brynley (month 27-29)
Brynley continues to amaze us everyday with her progress, especially with her speech.  With that great speech is also LOTS of sassiness.  She can also be very stubborn like her mommy and daddy. We had started potty training in January, and by March she was potty trained!  I was very proud of how quickly she caught on.  She occasionally still has an accident during nap time, and we always wear a pull up at night.  She says her ABCs so much better, and loves to sing songs!  She loves to go outside and walk to the park. 

MARCH 2013
Olivia- (7 months)
Olivia can now sit up on her own without assistance!  She continues to army crawl everywhere.  She can also sit up in the bath tub fairly well.  Since she had RSV last month, she grew to love to sleep with mommy & daddy.  So, after 4-5 hours in her crib she usually ends up in bed with us.  She is still eating fruit, veggies, and I started a dinner baby jar food each evening. 

Sisterly Love 
Enjoying the new spring weather at Mama and Papa'a house
Olivia chillin' in her exercauser outside at Mama and Papa's house

We moved Olivia out of her carrier and into her big girls car seat.  Brynley got a new one too!
Brynley's 1st time with piggy tails in her hair
I enjoyed an evening out with my best friends from High School
Brynley got her very first haircut on March 10th.  She was a little unsure of what was happening, but overall enjoyed the experience.
Being silly and dressing up in mommy's clothes
Enjoying the weather at a Plano park with mommy and daddy
Olivia loves to swing at the park
Brynley and Olivia's first time to go shopping at Costco, where they got to sit side by side. This was Olivia's first time in the front of the cart.  BIG GIRL!
Over spring break, we enjoyed a play date with some SHS friends at McDonald's.  Olivia tried her first French fry and loved it.
Playing at Mama and Papa's house over spring break
Me, Brynley, Ally, and Michael enjoyed some side walk chalk drawings over spring break.

Over spring break, me and Kris (Grammy) took the girls to the Dallas Arboretum.

More fun at the park!

The diaper motorcycle with and elephant I made for Kristina's baby shower!
Kristina's baby shower I helped host.
Easter party at daycare.  They had a petting zoo and Brynley loved the bunny!
We tried putting Olivia's tub in the bath tub with Brynley so they could play together.

Jeff and I enjoyed an evening out watching the Dallas Stars Hockey game.
Over spring break, I helped Michelle paint her baby room.
EASTER at Mama and Papa's house was a blast, as always!
We exchanged Easter baskets with cousins, which was a lot of fun.

Brynley LOVED the Easter egg hunt.  I remember when Cass was a kid and watching her help Ally and Michael.
Brynley got lots of eggs!
The Easter Bunny came to visit our girls!

Easter Sunday, we enjoyed lunch at Grammy & Big Papa's house.  They also had a Easter egg hunt for Brynley.  The girls got to play with baby Brennan, too.

Olivia (8 months- April)
This was a big month......Olivia learned how to crawl this month!  She am pretty fast too and loves to get into things. She can also push herself to sit up from any position, as well as pull herself up to her knees.  Separation anxiety is in full swing and she loves being with mommy.  This months, Olivia got a little stomach bug from daycare so she stayed with mama and papa one day.
Olivia can say "dada" now and she loves to scream!  She LOVES to eat!  We tried some new foods this month: yogurt bites, puffs, fruits, pastas and breads. At the end of this month, we did the Ferber Method again, and she started sleeping through the night again......yea!
Sitting up like a champ!
Brynley learning how to take "Selfies"!
Enjoying the nice spring weather in our back yard.  trying to get our yard ready for Spring.

Celebrating Papa's birthday at the Londoner.
Brynley has a new obsession with Birthday cakes and singing "Happy Birthday", so she really wanted to sit on Papa's lap and help him blow out the candles.
Kristina's Family Baby Shower
Brynley came with me and loved the cupcakes....well, the icing!
After school one day, I took the girls to go see Addison after her soccer practice.  They girls enjoyed playing on the playground for a bit afterwards.

Brynley showing Uncle Mike her belly for a picture.
We started Brynley in swim lessons at Emler in April, so she will be ready for swimming this summer.

Snow White dress from Grammy
Olivia trying out the walker at Grammy's house.
The girls were finally able to take baths together this month, since Olivia was doing such a great job sitting up with control. YEA!  I remember how much I loved taking baths with my two sisters when we were kids.

Brynley's new headphones.....she hasn't really used them since, because she isn't so sure about them yet.
I took the girls to see another Special Olympics Basketball game at Plano West.  Brynley LOVES watching basketball.
For Jeff's birthday, I got us tickets to go see Zac Brown Band.  It was soooo much fun!  We tailgated for a bit then enjoyed the show (even though it was cold), then went to Brick House for a few more drinks.
Brynley was invited to Katherine's 5th birthday party at Sweet and Sassy.  She loved it, but was mesmerized the entire time. She got to spend time with her good friend Addison!
Taking the girls to the store.  They loved driving the cart!
Olivia LOVES puffs!

Olivia- 9 months (May)