Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gender Reveal Party (August 2010)

It has been a LONG time since I have updated this blog, and A LOT has happened since then.

Jeff and I decided it would be fun to host a Gender Reveal Party with our close friends and family. It was a great way to reveal the gender of our little one. We had a sonogram on Monday, August 2nd. We were estatic with the news.....IT'S A GIRL!! We were absolutely overjoyed and loved hearing the heartbeat (140 bpm).

We had the party on Friday, August 6th at my sister Wendy's new home. I had lots of blue and pink decor, and for food, we served tacos and hotdogs. =) I also served some of my pregnancy cravings: pickles, cheese, gummy lifesavers, cheetos, and apple slices.

We asked all guests to either wear blue or pink to represent their guess of the gender. We also had guests gamble on whether they thought it would be a girl or boy.

Each guess cost $5, and that guest wrote their name on a baby bottle and then placed it in the PINK or BLUE jar. After we announced the gender, we drew a baby bottle with the winner's name.....it was ALLY! She was so excited......she didn't even care she won money.....she was just excited it was a girl!

I wanted everyone to find out the gender at the exact same time, in a fun way. So, I had made cake balls and the inside cake batter would either be PINK or BLUE. I passed a cake ball out to all of our guests. On the count of 3, everyone bit into the cake ball to reveal the gender.........IT'S A GIRL! It was such a fun party and we were all excited about meeting our little girl in the months to come.