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Winter 2012-2013 December -February

Winter 2012-2013
This was a busy winter season for the Reeves family.  It was full of holiday celebrations, a new addition to our family and Jeff started a new position at work!
* Christmas Parade Downtown
* Jeff's new position at work in sales
* Family Pictures
* Brynley's 2nd birthday
* Christmas Eve with the Easler's
* Christmas day as a family at our home
* Christmas with the Hogue's
* New Year's Eve birth of Brennan
* Valentine's Day
Miss Brynley (December- February)
Brynley is such a big girls now!  She turned two in December and we celebrated her 2nd birthday with a Mickey Mouse themed party at the little Gym.  It was so much fun and many family & friends were there to celebrate too. Brynley is a talking machine ever since she turned two.  Her vocabulary amazes me more and more everyday.  She can recognize and name ALL of her family members.  She can count to ten and occasionally to 12-14.  She knows all of her ABCs, major colors, and shapes.  She also can say her name and age now....but often gets shy when you put her on the spot.  Her comprehension is great too.  She loves to play pretend....tea parties, cooking, and especially loves to take care of her "babies".  She is getting better and better at playing with her sister.  At first she wasn't very gentle with her, but it's getting much sweeter with her. I look forward to the day when they can play together. Brynley's is a great sleeper but loves to have mommy lay down with her and read her books, and prefers me to stay with her until she falls asleep....which we are trying to break. She is still a picky eater, but LOVES fruits.  She eats well at daycare but doesn't always eat a lot at dinner.....but not too worried as she is still "squishy". We are trying to get her in the routine of brushing her teeth independently, but I usually still need to brush them more when she finishes. I even bought a book about brushing teeth which she loves.  Her hair is still very short, but is slowly growing a little more. Overall, we are very proud of Brynley's progress. 
Olivia- 4 months old
Olivia is getting bigger and starting to learn new things.  She is such a happy baby and always so laid back.  She is drooling quite a bit, but still no sign of any teeth. She loves to play on the floor, because she can roll both ways.  She is starting to interact with her sister a little more each day.  She still uses the exercauser, jumperoo, and bouncer. Olivia is not sleeping very well this month.  She starts off in her crib, but then after 4 hours or so, she ends up in bed with mommy & daddy.  She was very congested this month and mommy is so exhausted and just brings her to bed with us.   I started cereal this month as well as fruit.  She wasn't a big fan of cereal and spit a lot of it out.  She hasn't quite figured out how to eat it/ swallow it.  She drinks about 5- 6 ounce bottles of milk each day.
December 2012 
Downtown Dallas Christmas Parade
 Olivia wearing her outfit that Mama and Papa gave her after their Alaskan cruise
 Family pictures
 Brynley's 2nd birthday party
 Aunt Jennifer and Olivia
 Kris and Michelle- newly pregnant!
We went to visit Santa- Brynley was so mesmerized by him
Christmas at the Easler's:
 I didn't take many pics, because I was having too much fun!
Brynley putting out cookies and milk for Santa.....but, she wanted to eat all the cookies!
Christmas morning- We made a gingerbread house
  Christmas morning at home:
Santa bought lots for goodies for the girls!
 Christmas with the Hogue's
 Jennifer- due any day!
 Our little elf!
 Brynley likes to try to feed Olivia
 Brynley loved the snow!
 Daddy made Mickey shaped pancakes!
 Baby Brennan was born on New Year's Eve!
January 2013
Olivia- 5 months
Olivia LOVES to smile and enjoys playing on the floor. She started trying to eat all of her toys and continues to roll around a lot more.  She can hold herself up on her hands very well now and has more control.  She started sleeping through the night again this month as well, after mommy tried the Ferber method.  It worked after just two nights, but is always painful to hear your infant cry so much, and so long. She also started sleeping on her tummy this month since she ends up rolling over to her tummy.   Olivia continued with cereal, fruits, and also started some veggies. She is starting to get the hang of eating foods now.
We started potty training with Brynley this month.  She wears pull ups at daycare and at night.  This was the first time she went potty at home!
 Baby Brennan
 Olivia lives the Jumperoo
 My little mini-me!
 Olivia's first baby food- Squash
 Olivia started to sleep on her tummy
 Brynley fell asleep after throwing a temper tantrum....
 Sweet Sisters
 Olivia LOVES bath time!
 Starting Brynley early on chores
 Brynley loves her easel she got from Mama and Papa
 Brynley is still trying to learn how to be "gentle" with her sister
 Brynley reading to her sister
 "Yummy....I love my toes!"
 Daddy reading to his baby girl
 We love taking our girls for walks in the evenings
 Brynley trying on her first princess dress.  It was Ally's, so its still a little big.
 Mommy loves to dress the girls alike!
 Brynley playing dress-up.....
 The girls love to come with me to SHS basketball games to cheer on the Smiles cheerleaders.
February 2013
Olivia- 6 months
Olivia made some progress this month.  She can now get up on all fours and will rock back and forth!  She wants to crawl so bad, but hasn't figured it out yet. She does scoot EVERYWHERE! Olivia was diagnosed with RSV this month as well as a double ear infection.  Poor baby.  Needless to say, her sleep regressed at night.  I wanted to have her sleep propped up, and since she rolls over in her crib, I just let her sleep with mommy and propped her up while holding her.
Our baby girl was sick with RSV and double ear infection
 Happy girl...loves to eat!
Brynley and Olivia had fun at Ella's 4th birthday party
 We love going to the park in the evenings
 Silly girl!
 Love my girls!
 Brynley thought she would see if she could still fit in the baby tub
  The girls like to go to basketball games with mommy to cheer on the Special Olympic students
 Hanging out at Mama and Papa's house, enjoying the weather.
 Mama and Papa got Brynley her first bicycle!

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